Luck spell and Wiccan/Druid

Luck spell and Wiccan/Druid

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The Last Druid

Druidry , sometimes termed Druidism , is a modern spiritual or religious movement that generally promotes harmony, connection, and reverence for the natural world. This commonly is extended to include respect for all beings, including the environment itself. Many forms of modern Druidry are modern Pagan religions, although most of the earliest modern Druids identified as Christians. Originating in Britain during the 18th century, Druidry was originally a cultural movement, only gaining religious or spiritual connotations in the 19th century.

The core principle of Druidry is respect and veneration of nature, and as such it often involves participation in the environmental movement. Another prominent belief among modern Druids is the veneration of ancestors, particularly those who belonged to prehistoric societies.

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Druid , member of the learned class among the ancient Celts. They acted as priests, teachers, and judges. The earliest known records of the Druids come from the 3rd century bce. According to Julius Caesar , who is the principal source of information about the Druids, there were two groups of men in Gaul that were held in honour, the Druids and the noblemen equites. Caesar related that the Druids took charge of public and private sacrifices, and many young men went to them for instruction.

They judged all public and private quarrels and decreed penalties. If anyone disobeyed their decree, he was barred from sacrifice , which was considered the gravest of punishments. One Druid was made the chief; upon his death, another was appointed.

Of Druid’s Altar’s & Giant’s Graves

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druidic origin attached to sites of megalithic monuments. the second word is sometimes mis-spelt Druidion, and an inevitable confusion with the druids, the Druids’ Grotto, and, more important, a stela probably of Gaulish, i.e. druidic, date.

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The term druid is used by Greek and Roman authors, medieval Irish writers, and modern scholars alike to designate a priest of the ancient Celts. The word is thought to mean something like “those knowledgeable about the sacred oak,” being derived from two Celtic words meaning “oak” and “knowledge. As there is no unequivocal archaeological evidence concerning the druids, our knowledge of them rests exclusively on a rather small number of written sources, which are fragmentary and difficult to interpret.

This poses the fundamental question of to what extent the classical and early medieval statements about druids may be taken as an adequate reflection of historical reality. The oldest classical reference to druids may be contained in a passage written in the third century ce by the philosophical writer Diogenes Laertios. Discussing the supposition of some earlier writers that philosophy had its origins among the barbarians, he mentions Persian magi, Babylonian or Assyrian Chaldeans, Indian gymnosophists, and Celtic druids, referring to the philosophers Aristotle and Sotion of Alexandria as his sources.

If Diogenes’ identification of these sources is correct, the druids may have attracted the attention of classical authors as early as the fourth century bce. However, the earliest detailed description of druids apart from this brief and somewhat doubtful reference is given in the first century bce by the Stoic philosopher Posidonius of Apamea.

His description of druids can be reconstructed in outline by comparing the statements to be found in Strabo, Diodorus Siculus, and Timagenes as cited by Ammianus Marcellinus , which are demonstrably dependent on Posidonius. In addition to these authors, there is information about druids in Julius Caesar , Pliny the Elder , and other authors writing in the imperial period.


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A druid was a member of the high-ranking class in ancient Celtic cultures. Perhaps best The earliest known references to the druids date to the fourth century BCE and the oldest detailed description The excavator of these sites, Jean-Louis Brunaux, interpreted them as areas of human sacrifice in devotion to a war god.

One of the most striking characteristics of Druidism is the degree to which it is free of dogma and any fixed set of beliefs or practices. In this way it manages to offer a spiritual path, and a way of being in the world that avoids many of the problems of intolerance and sectarianism that the established religions have encountered.

Despite this, there are a number of ideas and beliefs that most Druids hold in common, and that help to define the nature of Druidism today:. Since Druidry is a spiritual path — a religion to some, a way of life to others — Druids share a belief in the fundamentally spiritual nature of life. Some will favour a particular way of understanding the source of this spiritual nature, and may feel themselves to be animists, pantheists, polytheists, monotheists or duotheists.

Others will avoid choosing any one conception of Deity, believing that by its very nature this is unknowable by the mind. Monotheistic druids believe there is one Deity: either a Goddess or God, or a Being who is better named Spirit or Great Spirit, to remove misleading associations to gender. But other druids are duotheists, believing that Deity exists as a pair of forces or beings, which they often characterise as the God and Goddess. Polytheistic Druids believe that many gods and goddesses exist, while animists and pantheists believe that Deity does not exist as one or more personal gods, but is instead present in all things, and is everything.

Nature forms such an important focus of their reverence, that whatever beliefs they hold about Deity, all Druids sense Nature as divine or sacred. Every part of nature is sensed as part of the great web of life, with no one creature or aspect of it having supremacy over any other. Unlike religions that are anthropocentric, believing humanity occupies a central role in the scheme of life, this conception is systemic and holistic, and sees humankind as just one part of the wider family of life.

Druid Beliefs

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It was John Aubrey, writing in the 17th century, who first thought it a “probability” that stone circles, such as Stonehenge, “were Temples of the Druids” and called his text on stone circles the Templa Druidum. This idea was picked up by William Stukeley, in the early 18th century, who subtitled his first book, Stonehenge, published in , “a Temple Restored to the British Druids, and his second, on Avebury, published in , “a Temple of the British Druids.

Although since Christian times Druids have been identified as wizards and soothsayers, in pre-Christian Celtic society they formed an intellectual class comprising philosophers, judges, educators, historians, doctors, seers, astronomers, and astrologers. The earliest surviving Classical references to Druids date to the 2nd century B.

The word Druidae is of Celtic origin. The oak together with the rowan and hazel was an important sacred tree to the Druids. In the Celtic social system, Druid was a title given to learned men and women possessing “oak knowledge” or “oak wisdom”. Some scholars have argued that Druids originally belonged to a pre-Celtic ‘non-Aryan’ population in Britain and Ireland from where they spread to Gaul , noting that there is no trace of Druidism among Celts elsewhere – in Cisalpine Italy, Spain, or Galatia modern Turkey.

Others, however, believe that Druids were an indigenous Celtic intelligentsia to be found among all Celtic peoples, but were known by other names. With the revival of interest in the Druids in later times, the question of what they looked like has been largely a matter of imagination. Early representations tended to show them dressed in vaguely classical garb.

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Our earliest known evidence of human activity in Ireland is from around 8, BC, where archaeologists discovered shell middens along the coast of County Antrim. Shortly before 4, BC, farming was introduced into Ireland and this move from the Mesolithic hunter gatherer culture to a Neolithic farming society, was the single greatest social revolution there has ever been.

The most prominent remains of this early prehistoric period are the megalithic tombs, the majority of which were constructed in the 4th and 3rd millennia BC BC.

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